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ID: K0065 - Bouquet ''Carolina''
Bouquet ''Carolina''   
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Bouquet ''Carolina''
Alstroemeria (color: yellow)    
Amarylis (color: red)    
Bush chrysanthemum (color: white)    
Bush chrysanthemum ''Santini '' (Stallion) (color: green)    
Orchid ''Cymbidium'' (flower) (color: white)    
Leaf of arachniodes    
Leaf of monstera    
Wirapping-woven mesh (1 m.) (color: green)    
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Price: 57.47$
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An unusually stylish and noble bouquet of roses will be a great gift for those you love most. Amazing combination of scarlet roses and pink flowers amazes with a rave of colors. A pink felt and a yellow ribbon is a gorgeous framing for the bouquet. The bouquet “Caroline” has a magnificent aroma and noble shades, so it can be a decoration of any holiday. Let these flowers be an expression of the well, love, and harmony feelings to the one to whom this bouquet is intended to.
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